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Passports - Employee ID's - FAC's - Medical Exception Photo's - Weddings - Portraits - Business Profiles - Special Occasions

Services Offered

Pricing may be subject to change at any time so please call in advance to confirm prices!

- Passports, Permanent Resident, Visa : $30.00 (Sales tax included)

- Fire Arm Acquisition Photos : $30.00 (Sales tax included)

- Medical Exception Photos : $30.00 (Sales tax included)

- Employee ID Photos : $30.00 (Sales tax included)

- On-Site Family Photo Shoots ($50.00/hr. + 60 cents/km’s.
(Minimum on site billing is 1 hour.)
"This is for all on-site shoots including all on-site photo shoot except wedding.  Wedding pricing is covered below.  For on-site shoots the hour rate above covers photographers time and you obtain an electronic copy of all pictures taken on a memory stick. 
If you need a memory stick we can supply for $19.95 to$39.95 each depending upon size of memory stick required..

- On-Site commercial photography  (Starting at $100.00 per site plus kms travelled and incidental expenses may apply.)

- Yes we can produce excellent quality enlargements locally up to 8X10 inch pictures.  Our enlargement pricing is outlined below:
4 X 6 ---- ($ 4.95)
5 X 7 ---- ($ 7.95)
8 X 10 -- ($10.95)
Please note: The enlargements above include color balancing and custom cropping.  I use a high end dry-subliminal photo printer in my studio, producing truly excellent quality prints. 
If major artwork and retouching is required additional charges may apply with a general fee of $50.00 per hour for artwork.  ie:  Retouching photos for face blemish removal, red eye elimination, photo restoration work, etc.

- Wedding start at $500.00 and this generally including pictures starting at the bride’s house up until cutting of the wedding cake after the reception supper.  This starting package includes (1) 8X10 for the bride and groom and (8) 5X7's for members of the wedding party.  Generally expect between 120-180 pictures to be taken.  Prices include electronic images of all pictures taken supplied to you on a memory stick.  The cost of the memeoty stick is $20.00
(A $250.00 deposit is required to reserve for your wedding date and it is advisable for the photographer to attend the wedding rehearsal if possible.  You need to discuss with your pastor or priest having a professional photographer at your wedding and fact find if there are any limitations.  i.e.:  Some pastors may not allow pictures to be taken during the actual wedding service.)
Unlike other wedding photography studios we do provide you with electronic copies of your wedding pictures.  You are not tied to Griffin Photography to have reprints or enlargements made, you can have them processed anywhere.  However, you will find our prices are very reasonable and we custom crop and color balance every enlargement plus some retouching as well.

- Griffin Photography also does business opening and business profile pictures that you may need for advertisement purposes or for website publication.  Starting at $100.00 per site location and travelled kms may apply.)

- Griffin Photography provides a photo restoration service and we use the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software.  Restoration pricing is based upon our hourly rate and you pay for the actual time taken for the restoration.

- If you have any questions to not hesitate to give me a call at . . . 
or drop me an email at . . . .


Pricing may be subject to change at any time!

Lightning strike Lake Superior - May 2014 

If you wish to arrange for passports, FAC, employee ID, medical exception photos; please call 1-2 days in advance to arrange a convenient date and time.  A typical passport picture must be taken against a white background, no shadows behind the head or across the face, with a pleasing natural look.  Smiling will result in the rejection of a passport picture, but you can have a natural pleasant look.

One thing I enjoy is outdoors on-site family photo shoots where you have all the props in the world to work with, "mother nature".  A family picture such as below is typical of the kind of outside family pictures I love to take. 


Taken 3 km's east of Marathon by old ski hill - Sept. 2014 

For most on-site photo shoots please contact me a few days in advance to check on my availability.

If you are interested in pre-booking for your upcoming wedding you do need to plan this in advance and arrange for a wedding photographer several months in advance.  In peak spring-summer-fall months, you should be shopping for a wedding photographer 6-8 months prior to your wedding date.