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If you wish to arrange for passports, FAC, employee ID, medical exception photos; please call 1 to 2 days in advance to arrange a convenient date and time.  A typical passport picture must be taken on a white background, with no shadows behind the head or across the face, with a pleasing natural look.  Smiling will result in the rejection a passport picture, but you can have a natural pleasing look.  It is suggested you wear a darker coloured top as rejection of your passport picture may occur if you wear a light coloured top when shot against a white background.

For family or portrait shoots please contact me several days in advance to check on my time availability and we can schedule in a time convenient to you.  

If you are interested in a pre-booking for your upcoming wedding you do need to plan this in advance and arrange for a wedding photographer several weeks in advance.  In peak spring-summer-fall months, you should be shopping for a wedding photographer several months prior to your wedding date.