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This is an example that will demonstrate for you what an eCommerce solution from Marathon Griffin Computers would look and function like.  A custom shopping card with an electronic ordering system is a fantastic way to improve the marketing of your products on the world wide web.
  If you already have a website and want to add a shopping cart into it do not worry, a shopping cart system like the one shown in this demo can be added into your existing website, leaving your existing website completely "as-is".  The only addition or change to your current website would be a link for the visitors to click on, taking them directly into your shopping cart system that we could develop for you.
  This demonstration shopping cart example has only the main components added into it allowing you to see how our eCommerce functionality works.  In a real customer's site we developed; we would discuss with you and add in any images, videos, your company logo, etc.
  If you are a new business or a business without an existing website, Marathon Griffin Computers can design a new one for you.  We do standard website design work as well as shopping cart integration modules.
  On a technical note, our shopping cart web solutions are coded in the new HLTML5 plus Java that MIcosoft is using as far as programming code is concerned.  HTML5 is rapidly becoming the new standard or at least one of the new standards and has been used exclusively by Microsoft for the new Windows apps in Windows 8.
For the purposes of this example if you go in and make a purchase the shopping card defaults to pay after the fact and does not take you into a 3rd party credit card payment portal, in case someone purchases things in error.  This is a shopping cart demonstration only and nothing in here can actually be purchased and processed.

You can contact us at our office phone number: 1(807)229-1583 or you can also contact Pete the webmaster and in charge of website development projects at: 1(807)229-6249.  If you don't want to call drop us am email at:

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