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One thing that is really hard to find out there today among the vast number of website developers is a company that can delivery full eCommerce "on-line ordering" solutions.
Not only does Marathon Griffin Computers have the graphics design background to make your website look good, but we have the expertise to add in a web server database allowing you to have website features such as:

  • PRODUCTS ON-LINE: Allowing you the business owner to add, edit or delete product offerings.  You can change pricing and upload pictures directly into your website allowing you to show your customers what you have to offer.
  • ON-LINE PRODUCT GALLERY: Will display all your products in a picture gallery that your client can review prior to ordering.
  • PARTIAL ON-LINE eCOMMERCE: The customer can select your offerings into a shopping cart and fill in their contact info. and via an automated e-mail you will receive their order request.  In this case you need to call back the customer, verify the order, and then you need to contact the customer and proceed to arrange payment arrangements and pick up or delivery charges and details.
  • FULL ON-LINE eCOMMERCE: This a full blown eCommerce solution where-by your customer can via a shopping cart fill in their order, review their order and pay for their order via PayPal or credit card.  You receive their order via e-mail and the payment process is automated.  Additional monthly charges apply to your for the 3rd party company that handles the payment processing.
  • We also can integrate into your website such features as feedback and request forms that you automatically receive an e-mail for with the customer's order. 

Just take a look at the NEW ORDER example shown below.  This is a good example of item #3 as described above: PARTIAL ON-LINE eCOMMERCE
The customer visiting your webite fills in their order on-line and can see the pricing and sales tax.  The customer then checkouts and you receive an e-mail within minutes of what the customer ordered.  The customer also received an emailed copy of his/her order.



A new Order has been submitted.

This Email has been generated by "Your business name" on-line ordering system.
Customer will be contacted to verify his/her order.

The Order Number in your system is :  544

============ CUSTOMER INFORMATION ============
Full name : Pete
E-mail :
Phone : 229-6249
Date Required : 05/17/2010
Time Required : Noon
Pickup-Delivery-Eat In : Pick Up
Special Instructions : Will call 1/2 hour prior to coming.

-------------------------------------- ORDER DETAILS ------------------------------------------------
  Product Code : S01;   Description : Grilled Cheese  Unit Price : CAD 4.50; Qty : 1
  Product Code : S02;   Description : Grilled Ham & Cheese  Unit Price : CAD 5.00; Qty : 1
  Product Code : S03;   Description : Chicken Salad Sandwich  Unit Price : CAD 4.50; Qty : 1
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

Total Price: 15.82 (Including tax: 1.82)