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Marathon Griffin Computers and Service in the past deployed IMfirewall on several mid-sized business customers.  I am currently in the process of installing an upgrade including another 55 new web filtering licenses to one of my clients.

If you need quick an easy way to setup web filtering software that will not break your pocket book yet provide bullet proof web site blocking controls coupled with bandwidth analysis, then read on below.

After quite a bit of research I picked Wfilter Enterprise from IMFirewall.  You can click the link below to go directly to the IMFirewall web site:

I loved this software and below are some of my reasons for choosing it:

  • Ease of installation, took me under 5 minute.
  • Web filtering that can block by web site category , URL and supports wild cards such as * and ?
  • User definable white/black lists. So to block all Yahoo related site you can enter in *yahoo* into the blacklist.
  • Also supports https blacklisting as well. 
  • Supports multiple blocking policies.
  • Supports departmental blocking entities.
  • Provides real time bandwidth utilization.
  • Comprehensive reports and graphs.
  • Senses any new computers that plugs in and attach to your network and will automatically apply your default web blocking policy.
  • Requires an administration computer for the web blocking software to be installed on that will not break your budget.
  • Supports stored history results in a Windows file or you can if you wish install MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Can use a broadcast hub for small systems, but preferred is a managed switch that support port mirroring. I chose an HP ProCurve 1700 8-port managed switch that costs approximately $98.00 and is generally installed between your firewall and your network switches. You can read the specs on this switch at:
  • License pricing is competative and I found it generally less that other.
  • Tech support from my experience is excellent and I received answers to my questions in most cases within 4 hours using IMFilter e-mail support requests.

In the past I completed several deployments of Wfilter Enterprise and found this software better than any other web filtering/blocking software that I have worked with.  If you are interested in this excellent product do not hesitate to contact Marathon Griffin Computers and Service and I will provide to you installation options and details on how simple this software is to deploy at your place of business.

Marathon Griffin Computers and Service can actually remote-in and install this software if you wish and fine tune it for you.  See our Remote Support page for remote-in support details.

Overall a product really worth taking a good look at if you need to control what your companies folks are doing on the Internet.