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Software - Main Order Screen


Above you can see the main layout of the main order screen. This is the screen that is used to perform 100% of all operations involving creating orders and printing customer receipts. Notice the server's name Pedro right under the order number. As well you can see on the bottom of the screen in green the label TILL: with a dollar amount. This is the till total for the day thus far. Change: shown in red is the customer change back on each order.  Notice the full breakout of sales taxes, the order date and the Grant Total amount.

On the left hand side of the screen is the main categories your items are sub-divided into main categories. 


If you touch the Breakfasts button you see the screen as shown above. If you touch the Kids Menu the items change as shown below.
Likewise as you touch each category button you now see on the main order screen only those items that belong to that category. 
The main categories are user definable thus this program can easily be customized to suit a variety of businesses.