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POS Software

Marathon Griffin Computers and Service specializes in touch screen enabled point of sales software especially targeting restaurants and bar establishments.

The one thing you learn very quickly in the fast passed world of high volume restaurants and bars, you need a very quick and effective customer billing and receipt system in place.

Marathon Griffin Computers has experience on our side as we also own and operate a high traffic restaurant located in the Marathon Center Mall in Marathon, Canada. So we know first hand with now 3-years of experience in the restaurant business.

I looked high an low for a quick operating point of sales system for our new restaurant in late 2007 and simply could not find one that operated fast enough to meed our needs. Due to this I decided to custom code our own. Here is what I was looking for and the features I needed.  THese features are only a partial list into what I have put into the Classic POS system:

  • 3 tax codes so the software can support any country that has multiple tax codes. In the case of Ontario, Canada we currently for restaurant sales have 2 tax codes required, HST and HST2.  Our old alcohol sales tax was discontinued.
  • In the restaurant business you still need a 2 tax code system as the old rule for sales tax of 5% for all food items purchased under $4.00 is still in effect.
  • Very fast customer billing via using a touch screen. Most table receipts can be made up and created in under 30 seconds.
  • Very fast receipt printing, thus the use of the fast Epson T-88V thermal receipt printer.
  • Auto-kick and opening cash drawer that opens with the touch of a button on the screen.
  • Day close report showing total amount sold for the day with seperate breakdown of the sales taxes collected by sale tax code.
  • Orders per hour report based over the past 30-days so I know when my peaks hit and I can better plan and adjust staff schedules.
  • Top items sold report, so I know what is selling and what is not. This is a great benefit to menu item planning and knowing what to take off your menu and what to potentially add to increase your bottom line sales.

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