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Data Recovery


Marathon Griffin Computers and Service is quickly becoming a company that can extract your very important documents, pictures and files even after you have experiened a hard drive crash or failure.

We use the "State of the Art" data recovery software that in most cases can generally go into a totally dead system and obtain your very valuable files.

We have had good success even with hard drives that have been proven defective and were in such a bad state that the Windows operating system would not event recognize the hard drive.

Recently I had a local customer "Jerry Manuel" that runs a photo business that experienced a total hard drive failure.  He had many important business pictures that he had stored on his hard drive, but did not have all his important pictures backed up.  Griffin Computers were able to extract all his important pictures and in Jerry's case we were 100% successful.  This is not always the case and we can extract files only if they are readable off the hard drive platter. 

Another example is "Buff and Shine" located here in Marathon.  This April of 2011 this business customer experienced a hard drive failure.  All the businesses Simply Accounting files and accounting yearly backups were on the failed hard drive.  In this case the customer had no external backups on DVD or flash drive.  Griffin Computers successfully obtained all the customer's Simply Accounting data, all documents and all pictures.  In this case were we not able to extract the customer's Windows e-mail database successfully.  The e-mail database was corrupted to the point where it could not be recovered.

Griffin Computers has "like the examples above" recovered data for a number of customers after hard drive failures.

I will say that pricing on data recovery with failed hard drive could be expensive.  The time involved could be lengthy in some cases, but if you have critical data that you must have after a system or hard drive failure, contact us and we may be able to assist you.

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