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Visual FoxPro Custom Grid Scrollbar Classes

For several years I looked around for someone, anyone that had tackled the task of recoding a Grid scrollbar class for the stock Visual FoxPro grid object.  Alias, final in 2014 I decided to move forward and code just such a class set.

I wanted a set of vertical and horizontal scrollbar classes for several reasons:

1. Simply sick and tired of Miscrosoft gray scroll bars and wanted some color. 
2. Did not like the functionality during a mouse wheel scrolling event as there was no focus being set back into the Grid with the record pointer and I wanted this added feature.
3. The stock Visual FoxPro Grid although not everything I wanted in a grid, was basically decent and performed a lot faster than any 3rd party ActiveX grid controls I had tried.  I personnally found 3rd party ActiveX grid controls too limiting as far as what I wanted to do in regards to visuals.
4.  There were projects I had worked on where the clients wanted grids and scrollbars to match other applications look and feel such as in QuickBooks integration projects.  How to get that skinny scrollbar and small gray scroller thumb mover?

Final Look
So before I get into the mechanics of how to produce the scrollbars lets look at a couple of examples of what the final product looks like just to spark your interests.


Below you see 3 grids on one form all sporting a new thinner set of scrollbars.


OK  lets see a tutorial on how to use the Grid Scrollbar Class . . .